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Retail Sector Suspicious Activity

Indicators of Possible Terrorist Activity 

  • New or increased advocacy of violence including providing material support or recruiting others to commit criminal acts. 
  • Adoption of new life styles and segregation from normal peer and family groups in association with advocating criminal or terrorist activity. 
  • The adoption of a new name. 
  • Behavior that could indicate participation in surveillance of potential targets. 
  • Acquisition of excessive quantities of weapons or materials that could be used to produce explosives such as ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers or hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Travel to or interest in traveling overseas to attend violent extremist institutions or paramilitary training camps. 
  • New or increased interest in Websites and reading materials that advocate violence and then initiating action in support of this activity. 
  • New or increased interest in critical infrastructure locations and landmarks, including obtaining aerial views of these locations. Any reporting should include all of the information that factored into the decision to report the activities.





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